10 influencers to look out for in 2021

Social Media

Influencer marketing is a growing trend and one which is not going away anytime soon. You can find influencers for just about anything, but who are the big hitters that you should keep an eye out for in 2021?

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has become household name in recent years and thanks to his live workouts and PE sessions for families throughout the UK lockdowns, has also become a motivational role model for children and adults alike.

Known as the ‘Body Coach’ Joe’s grown his health and wellbeing brand with workouts and recipes and has recently launched an app.

Joe has partnered with companies such as Gousto, the food subscription box, and is a familiar face on national television.

With well over ten million followers across social media, Joe is undeniably one of the UK’s top influencers.

Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart began her influencer career on YouTube, creating videos about health, beauty, wellbeing, and lifestyle.

A blogger and entrepreneur, Niomi’s strong emphasis on healthy and conscious living has led to a successful plant-based recipe book and the launch of her own skincare brand ‘Smart Skin’.

With collaborations including beauty brand L’Occitane; conscious laundry brand Ecover and features in Hello! and Grazia magazine, Niomi is an influencer with an international following.

Across her channels, Niomi has over four million followers and counting.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella or Ella Woodward, began blogging about food after turning to a plant-based diet to help her own health in 2012.

Launching a recipe and yoga app that went straight to number one in the app store in 2014; a range of cookbooks; a deli in London and a food product range; Ella has grown her audience both on and offline.

Ella has over two millions followers on Instagram and regularly updates her account with new recipe videos and insights into her family life and health journey.

Ulisses Jr

Fitness and health influencer Ulisses Jr, or Ulisses World as he is known online, has become a well-known face for anyone interested in body-building and fitness.

Ulisses regularly posts to his following of over ten million across social media with workout videos and insight into his family life.

Ulisses’ membership programme ‘I am dedicated’ offers training plans, access to a member’s only app and access to a Facebook group. The programme is an extension of Ulisses’ free videos on social media which are followed by over ten million people worldwide.

JoJo Siwa

At just 17 years old, JoJo Siwa is the youngest influencer on this list, but the one with the largest following. With over fifty million followers across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, this American teen has a huge fan base.

Included on Time’s most influential people of 2020 list, Siwa began her career on reality television in America and has amassed her following through daily videos on YouTube, sharing her life with fans.

JoJo’s appeal to younger audiences led to the launch of a beauty brand and a successful career in pop music.

Sasha Pallari

Following a successful campaign to raise awareness of filters on Instagram in 2020, make-up artist Sasha Pallari has seen her Instagram audience grow rapidly in the last year.

The ‘Filter Drop’ campaign aimed to expose the danger that social media editing can cause, and how images on the platform might not always be as they seem.

Pallari’s campaign continues and has so far garnered coverage internationally, featuring in Vogue and the BBC and has led to an increased online following for the South West make-up artist.

Eugene Lee Yang

For many years, Eugene Lee Yang was know for being one the ‘Try Guys’ an online comedy group who were part of Buzzfeed.

Since the success of the ‘Try Guys’ Eugene has been using is social media platforms to support LGBTQ issues and charities including the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.

Eugene has a strong online following of over three million personally and nearly ten million as part of the ‘Try Guys’ group.

Holly Hubert

Starting out on the now defunct platform Vine several years ago, Holly Hubert, or Holly H as she’s known online, has grown her online audience on TikTok.

Amassing over sixteen million followers on TikTok alone, content creation for the platform has become Holly’s full time job and has led to other ventures such as presenting on radio station Capital FM.

Holly has worked with brands such as Disney and PrettyLittleThing and is undoubtedly one to watch when it comes to online influencing.

Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland is a blogger and influencer who focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and parenting.

Beginning over ten years ago on YouTube, Louise’s following has grown in the last decade to over six million across social media.

Louise is also the author of a ‘Times Best Seller’ and has worked with brands such as WW (Weight Watchers) and Olay.

For over a decade, Louise has opened her life up to her audience and her thoughts and advice have allowed her to become a successful influencer internationally.

Dr Julie Smith

Psychologist Dr Julie Smith posts mental health and wellbeing content across social media and has a following of over two million on TikTok alone.

Dr Julie utilises short videos to explain mental health in simple and easy to understand ways and her videos of advice and support throughout the UK lockdowns has helped her audience grow.

Beginning to create content and offer therapy on social media in 2019, Dr Julie Smith’s following exploded in 2020 and with a continued focus on mental health throughout the pandemic, this can surely only grow further.