10 new Covid-19 clinics to open in London to meet demand for private testing

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Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph

DAM Health UK will open its first private testing clinic in The City and Mayfair this week.

Professor Frank Joseph will open the first of DAM Health’s private clinics in London this week in The City and Mayfair. The company says by June it will have a total of 10 new clinics in London.

DAM Health already operates private Covid-19 testing centres in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Wolverhampton.

Frank Joseph comments: “Testing helps to stop the spread of the disease. Until we know whether the vaccine stops us from transmitting the virus, we will still need to be tested on a regular basis.

“Previous vaccines for other diseases have led to a decrease in transmissibility, but we can’t take anything as a given with this virus, so we need to continue to work towards protecting people and this includes testing.”

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