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2019 Greater Manchester Fastest 50 winners named by Ward Hadaway

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Candour Logistics have been named double winners at the Ward Hadaway Greater Manchester Fastest 50 Awards 2019.

The company won the awards for Fastest Growing Large Business and Overall Fastest Growing Business at the event. The awards, organised by Ward Hadaway and supported by the University of Salford Business School and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, recognise and celebrate the fastest growing privately-owned companies across Greater Manchester.

John Keary, Managing Director of Candour Logistics, said: “I’m stunned and completely over the moon to have won this award. This is a big accolade. The company is only four years old and it’s been a great journey with many sacrifices along the way, but things like this make it worthwhile.

“Our team are our biggest asset as we’re in the service industry and without them working hard and pulling together we wouldn’t be here today.

“To manage the growth we’ve had from zero to when our year four numbers are published, it’ll be plus £50 million. It’s been huge growth in a short period and to say that we’re now only at 25 staff and we reached up to £30 million with less than 10 staff, it’s amazing.

“I’m flying to Canada this Sunday to look at some international developments so hopefully our footprint will extend further outside the UK. That’s the next big thing on the horizon along with some developments in tech which will be more important going forward.”

Godel Technologies won the award for the Fastest Growing Medium-Sized Business, for companies with an annual turnover of between £10m and £30m.

Anastassia Davidzenka, VP Professional Services at Godel Technologies, said: “It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s a great thing for us to be recognised as one of the fastest-growing businesses and just knowing how much we have contributed to the overall growth of the region is very impressive and it’s great to be part of it.

“It’s our people’s hard work that counts and I’m sure they will be very excited and proud with the news of the Fastest 50 win like we are. Being based in the North West is very important for us. We pride ourselves on being open and honest and those things are true of this region as well. There is a core of technology companies here and there is a large pool of talent for us to recruit from, so being here has been key to our growth.”

Antala Ltd was named the Fastest Growing Small Business in Greater Manchester for companies with an annual turnover of between £1m and £10m.

Darren Farthing, Operations Manager at Antala Ltd, said: “This win was very unexpected I have to say. It’s a very good company that we work for and I’ve worked for some unique companies in the past, but this one is a family business, that is family-run with family values which is a big difference for me and I think it’s well worth the award. Our people are absolutely over the moon – they are so happy with this award win.

“We’ve got a move in the pipeline so we’re planning for more growth this year, next year and the year after with bigger premises.”

Chris Fletcher from Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce said: “We have been thrilled and delighted to have been involved as a partner in this year’s awards. Being the largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK, we come across a huge number of businesses that day-in, day-out are performing at the very peak of what they are capable of doing, keeping people employed, creating opportunities for local people and making the money that can be used to invest in the future.

“Quite often, the vast majority go unnoticed – just focused on what they do best. What they see simply as the “day job” can sometimes be seen as extraordinary in other people’s eyes.

“That’s why the Fastest 50 awards are so important and matter so much and it’s a perfect way to celebrate, promote and reward the fantastic business community we are all part of.”

Janice Allan from the University of Salford’s Business School spoke about what lessons could be learnt by business from the list.

She said: “We’re delighted to join with Ward Hadaway and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to recognise and celebrate the Fastest 50 of 2019. In line with our institutional commitment to work hand-in-hand with industry, especially in our region, we will now attempt to identify the trends that link these successful businesses and see what we can learn from their growth.

“This is just one of the ways in which we want to bring together our research expertise and your business expertise to co-create new knowledge and understanding to benefit our region.”

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