‘For too long, we have looked at Bristol only as a city’

Edward Nash

Edward Nash

If Bristol is granted Regional City Devolution, a new economic map would be created to include town on the outskirts, says built environment consultancy Nash Partnership’s Senior Partner.

Currently, the West of England LEP region is tightly drawn as a functioning economic area around the four unitary authority boundaries.

However, Regional City Devolution would offer the chance to better understand roles and strengths of the wider region by including the settlements around Bristol (and particularly Bath) for the city.

Edward Nash suggests that regional hinterland settlements around Bristol need to be part of the capacity story, as they present assets and economic potential that Regional City Devolution needs.

This could enable the region to better share economic intelligence, knowledge, capacity and opportunity.

He comments “For too long, we have looked at Bristol only as a city and not as a focal point that those who live in its regional hinterland should expect things of.

“City Regional Devolution offers the chance to create a new map for the region – one in which all our cities, towns and hinterland can be working to a common purpose. Suddenly, our region – even our country – could look very different.”

The Nash Partnership has produced a manifesto outlining the importance of Regional City Devolution and what it should be about.