Born to lead, or be taught to lead – that is the question

Matt Tudor, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications at Bridgwater College

Matt Tudor, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications at Bridgwater College

Who are the leaders within your business or organisation? They might be key employees you have head-hunted or recruited due to their previous accomplishments and achievements, or they may be employees who have risen through the ranks, either through ability or circumstance.

Either way, there will be people within your company who would benefit your business if they were able to enhance and develop their leadership skills and qualities and become progressive leaders.

Leadership Trait Theory, created as a theory in the 1840s, suggested that there are certain inborn traits that make people more likely to succeed as leaders and that people are ‘born leaders’.

However, during the 1950s, situational and behavioural theories began to emerge.

These theories suggested people became leaders based on their behaviour, and leadership skills could be taught, or that the situation they were faced with at a given time led them to adapt and use different skills as the situation required.

Based on these theories, if your business is to increase output and productivity, then your leaders need to be progressive, able to adapt to change, and lead in the most effective and efficient way to benefit your business.

At Bridgwater College, we believe that progressive leadership development should be any activity which enhances the quality of the leadership within an individual and your business or organisation.

We also believe that the most valuable and memorable learning occurs while the body and mind are actively engaged in tasks, and so rather than teaching leadership development in a classroom environment, we build leaders through Action Based Training.

Action Based Training is a unique, award-winning approach providing an inclusive learning environment. Delegates engage in a range of activities that bring out and reinforce the key behaviours and critical skills that a high-performing leader requires in his or her role to create future success and positively influence the business’ bottom-line results.

Participants take part in active tasks and discussion, with each programme bespoke to ensure individual companies’ objectives and specific business goals are met. Action Based Training has a very flexible approach; we are able to travel to locations across the country to deliver the programmes, for one day or residential durations, and might include activities such as high ropes and orienteering, or activities which are not so physically demanding.

In essence, Action Based Training at Bridgwater College takes an innovative, blended approach to training which expands the skills of those in leadership, to add value to your business.