21 People With The Most Unique Names Ever


As human beings our name is one among the first signs of identity that last with us through our life.

From the first day of kindergarten to the last day at work, our name stays with us. And while a lot of memories can be associated with our names, in some cases, the memories are pretty unique, or perhaps funny.

Looking at some of those cases, in this post we are sharing a list of 21 people with the most unique names ever.

1. Dr. Joelle Roller-Koster

Well, we know what’s funny here. It can take you to a laughing roller-coaster.

2. Sue H. Yoo

The next time you have to sue someone, you know the lawyer who was born to do it.

3. Lord Brain

Here’s a brilliant book on clinical neurology. Guess who wrote it? Mr. “Brain” himself.

4. Stef Craps

We’re not saying anything. Surely Stef is a professional, just his name may not be.

5. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Bet someone likes dinosaurs more than normal. Rex is a cute name though.

6. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop

Don’t you just like the tune of this name? But don’t fall for it, Mr. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop is facing legal charges for attacking two police officers and for other assault cases as well.

The most interesting fact about Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop is that he chose this as a new name.

7. Mister Love

Did he choose this name for himself? We don’t know. But is it going to help him get some love? Not after the charges probably.

8. Filet Minyon

The name has two things that we can recall. Which was the first to cross your mind?

9. Donald Duck

This can be deeply disturbing for any person’s childhood memories. God bless the real Donald Duck.

10. Dr. Ken Hurt

Be mindful. Dr. Ken ‘ken’ Hurt you. Not really, though, he may be the one to save you from your most painful toothaches.

11. Joe Looney

We hope he doesn’t feel or act as the name suggests.

12. Bear Trapp

Because bears are cute and most people like them. Hopefully, no bears were trapped or hurt while making this name.

13. Chris P. Bacon

Christ just got some Chris P. Bacon(s) for everyone. Do you want a treat?

14. Tahra Dactyl

*A faint memory from Pokemon ripens up.

15. MacDonald-Berger

You know when two people are just made for each other.

16. Matthew Correspondent

He is just perfect for the job. His name also says the same.

17. Bud Light

The sweet man seems to be lighting up lives around him.

18. Jurassic Park

When your parents love dinosaurs way more than Mr. Tyrannosaurus Rex’ parents.

19. Batman Bin Superman

We hope the boy is saving the world and not quarreling with his own self.

20. Oliver Loser

Remember Oliver, we only lose when we give up.

21. Knight Jed I

Don’t be fooled by the cute face. The kid is a Knight and a Jed (I) too. Make way for him.

Indeed, this beautiful world has all kinds of names from across the universe, and in most cases, people like their names & feel good about themselves. However, sometimes, for one reason or another, they may wish to get a new name. That’s when getting a deed poll can help.

Wrapping Up

Moving further, through this post, we tried to spread the positive word about the diversity in names that the planet has. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post.

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