4Networking founder Brad Burton turns business mentor with Kingmaker programme

Brad Burton

Straight-talking Brad Burton, founder of the UK’s largest networking business, has shifted his focus to a driven mentoring programme enabling participants to capitalise on the opportunities of a post-pandemic world.

Kingmaker – the name of Burton’s venture – is restricted to just 12 participants at a time and offers exclusive mentorship from the founder of 4Networking – the UK’s foremost business networking group.

Registrations are now open for the next Kingmaker programme, which begins on May 20th and sees Burton channelling his energy into enabling individuals and businesses to ‘rise from the ashes’ given the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

An author of four best-selling business books and an in-demand motivational speaker, Burton is drawing on his own battles of the past year, which saw his multi-million-pound networking business be on the brink of collapse as a result of Covid-19.

He witnessed his business model obliterated as the annual 5,000 in-person networking sessions were halted. Utilising technology, Burton adapted the business model and launched online versions – 4NOnline, 1Networking and 3Networking, which not only saved his business but also those of the members.

The Kingmaker programme is one of a number of ideas Burton has planned to bring change and positivity in 2021. The 10-week programme consists of intense personal mentoring development including weekly group session and private one-to-ones with Burton, who also draws on his own personal journey, which includes drug addiction and unemployment.

“A year ago, I was looking at a business going from £100k a month to nothing but I wasn’t going to let that happen,” said Burton.

“It’s safe to say I’m no stranger to a challenging situation, and I believe in spending more time focusing on solutions rather than problems, which is why it is still going strong.”

The Kingmaker programme is about making those life-changing decisions – how you work, how you live and how to make a difference.

Change is difficult, but his 10-week programme aims to overcome that fear and instil in everyone who participates a pathway to success.

“There’s no fluff and no mincing of words, I tell it how it is. The Kingmaker is designed to help individuals make lasting changes that will not just be for 10 weeks, but well beyond that.”

Kingmaker draws an analogy from the game of chess in that its aim is to survive to win the game.