5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Business Mentor – Tips from Levi Roots and Liz Earle

To mark National Mentoring Day on 27th October, two of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs, Caribbean cuisine entrepreneur Levi Roots and beauty and wellness megabrand founder Liz Earle MBE are supporting BT and Google’s ‘Get mentored, Get growing’ campaign to help UK small businesses drive post-pandemic growth and prosperity.

This comes as BT research shows almost half of all UK small firms (49 percent) said they worried their business wouldn’t survive without external support.

And if you needed to be convinced further, Levi and Liz have come up with five good reasons why any small business owner should get a business mentor.

1. They’ll tell you what friends and family won’t tell you

Levi Roots – “Running a business can be an all-consuming and sometimes lonely affair. And we all know that a problem shared is a problem halved. But sometimes that helpful listening ear or sounding board needs to be someone who isn’t just friends or family.

“A mentor with the right experience or technical skills that are relevant to your business could be really game-changing because they will be able to look at your challenges or ambitions from a different perspective and give you much more meaningful direction. Their influence and support could have a big impact on the direction and growth of your business.”

2. They won’t tell you what to do, but they’ll help you see the right way forward

Liz Earle – “It’s not a mentor’s job to give you all the answers or tell you what to do.  But they’ll ask the right kind of questions or help you see things in different ways, so that you can make the right choices for your business.

“The right mentor for you should be able to listen to you, deconstruct your challenges and opportunities, and suggest ways forward, based on their own journey and learnings.

3. You can plug into their network

Levi Roots – “Your mentor will have miles on the clock, which means they are likely to have a pretty broad network of people that you can get access to. And because they want to help you and are vested in your success, they’ll happily open up their little black book to you. From other experts that can help you plug your skills gaps, to potential suppliers, customers and new recruits, their network can become your network.”

4. You’ll learn new skills and new ways of doing things

Liz Earle – “A mentor can draw upon their successes to help guide your business, but they’ll also have a lifetime of mistakes under their belt too – and each one of those is a learning opportunity and a short-cut that you can avoid on your own business journey.

“If they’re brilliant at being time-efficient, they might pass on some tools and techniques that can boost your productivity. They might have technical skills like digital marketing, that could help you optimise your business online. They might be strong at building and growing teams, so could help you with your own strategy for hiring and developing the right people.”

5. They’ll give you self-belief

Levi Roots – “The expertise and support of a mentor can give you the confidence to back yourself when you’re making important business decisions – if they believe in you, then it feels like the right thing to do. A great mentor is a cheerleader when you need a boost, but can also be the sports coach giving you some tough love when you need some motivation.”