5 things to know about Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Having just been appointed Foreign Secretary, we’re sure that many of our readers are aware of Conservative Party MP Liz Truss. But we’re sure there’s plenty you don’t know about her too. Following on from our previous piece on Rugby World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward, we’ve looked at five things you may not know about Liz Truss.

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Born and educated in Oxford

Born in Oxford to parents Truss has described as being ‘to the left of Labour’ – we’re guessing the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree – the Tory MP was schooled in Paisley, north-east Leeds and lived in Canada for year before return to Merton College in Oxford to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Her previous employers include Shell and Cable & Wireless

After graduating from Merton College, where she served as President of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats, in 1996, Truss worked as a commercial manager for Shell and then went on to work for Cable & Wireless, the now defunct telecoms company, as Economics Director.

Interestingly, Truss is also a qualified management accountant!

Only the second woman to be Foreign Secretary!

After being appointed Foreign Secretary on the 15th of September, Liz Truss became only the second woman in history to hold the role after Labour’s Margaret Beckett worked in the position from 2006-2007 under Tony Blair’s leadership.

This makes her one of less than 10 women to have held a Great Office of State role (Prime Minster, Chancellor, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary).

Formerly a ‘remainer’

During the EU referendum in 2016, Liz Truss was a supporter of ‘Remain’, but she claimed to have changed her mind on Brexit only a year later.

At the time, Truss told the BBC’s Daily Politics programme that, “I voted to Remain because I was concerned about the economy, but what we’ve seen since the Brexit vote is our economy has done well.”

Liz Truss failed to get voted to Parliament… twice!

Before being elected to Parliament in 2010 as one of David Cameron’s ‘A-List’ candidates, Truss was unsuccessful in her candidacy twice: once when contesting the Labour constituency of Hemsworth in 2001 and the second time in 2005 for the seat in Calder Valley.