5 things to know about Tetra Laval Co-owner Kirsten Rausing

Many people know Kirsten Rausing as the Co-owner of the multinational packaging corporation Tetra Laval. Currently ranked the 151st richest person in the world by Forbes, here are 5 things you might not know about the UK’s second wealthiest woman.

A milk carton is a big reason behind Rausing’s wealth

Rausing’s grandfather, Ruben, was the founder of Tetra Pak, the packaging company that acquired Alfa Laval to become Tetra Laval in 1991.

Ruben Rausing reportedly made his fortune by coming up with a design for cardboard packaging that could be used to store milk and cream, and legend has it that the inspiration for the design came from watching his wife, Elizabeth, make sausages by tying off the ends.

Rausing is an award-winning horse breeder

Having spent plenty of time as a stable girl in her youth, Rausing has on gone on to enjoy lots of success in the world of horses.

In addition to being an award-winning horse breeder, the multi-billionaire owns the Lanwades stud farm in Newmarket, is a member of the Jockey Club and a former Director of the National Stud.

Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Suffolk

In 2017, Rausing was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Suffolk by the Queen.

A role that has been officially recognised since the 16th century and previously involved commanding local militia, the duties of Deputy Lieutenants today include assessing local honours nominations and attending Remembrance Day services.

Hans Kristian Rausing is her cousin and battles with drug addiction

Back in 2008, Rausing’s cousin, Hans Kristian, and his wife, Eva, were arrested after Eva Rausing tried to smuggle wraps of cocaine into the US embassy in London.

Heroin and £2,000 worth of crack cocaine were found in their home after a police search, but they narrowly avoided prison. Eva Rausing died in 2012, with a coroner ruling the effects of cocaine on a damaged heart as the cause of her death.

Granddaughter of a landscape artist

As well as being the granddaughter of Swedish industrialist and Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing, the UK’s second wealthiest woman is also the granddaughter of famous Swedish landscape painter Henry Mayne.

Mayne’s work has been auctioned multiple times, with the record price for this artist’s work currently going for $1,798 at auction.