5 things to know about the UK’s youngest self-made billionaire Johnny Bouharfat

Earlier this year, the creator of videoconferencing software Hopin, Johnny Bouharfat, became the UK’s youngest self-made billionaire, aged just 26. An incredible feat for anyone, especially someone so young, here are 5 things you should know about him.

Bouharfat’s company is fully remote

Despite now employing more than 650 people, Bouharfat’s company, Hopin, is fully-remote and does not have an office address. This is interesting during a time when many are debating if a hybrid/home working model is right for them.

In an interview with the BBC, Bouharfat explained: “Being a fully-remote company allows us to do things that other companies haven’t been able to do before.”

No permanent home

Just as his company doesn’t have a permanent office, Bouharfat doesn’t have a permanent home.

The Sydney-born British billionaire moves from rental property to rental property, overseeing the day-to-day running of Hopin from wherever he may be. This is true regardless of whether he’s in the UK or abroad.

Hopin was founded in his girlfriend’s bedroom

Back in 2018, a mystery illness left Bouharfat bedridden at his girlfriend’s home in King’s Cross, London. It was here that he started coding the videoconferencing platform.

Bouharfat then managed to secure millions in funding in November 2019, after famously telling angel investors “it would be the fastest growing company in the world,” before Hopin grew exponentially as a result of the pandemic.

Born to a Lebanese father and Syrian-born Armenian mother

Bouharfat was born to a Lebanese father who was a mechanical engineer, and a Syrian-born Armenian mother who was an accountant.

His parents moved to Australia from Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War and then to Los Angeles and Dubai, before Bouharfat moved to the UK to study mechanical engineering at Manchester University.

Self-professed workaholic

After previously claiming to work seven days a week, you could say Bouharfat is a self-professed workaholic. Clearly, the Hopin Founder has worked very hard for his success, although he now works a half day on Saturdays. Bouharfat also does not drink and only eats organic food.