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74% tradespeople upskilling to provide green tech to clients

New research from Direct Line business insurance has found that three-quarters (74%) of tradespeople have upskilled themselves, enabling them to install green technology for clients. This comes as eight-in-ten (79%) have seen increasing demand from people to install greener technology in their homes.

Demand for greener technology in homes is being driven by a number of factors. Nearly two-fifths (38%) of tradespeople believe that people are looking for more economical technology to help save more due to the energy crisis and the increasing cost of living.

Other key factors driving demand include the idea that energy efficiency can increase the value of homes (37%), the desire to futureproof homes as we move away from gas and oil reliance (31%), having more accessible and convenient electric vehicles (EV) charging (30%), as well as complying with the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) (28%) which requires landlords to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E or above in their properties. Further factors include the general desire to be more environmentally friendly (25%), and the availability of government incentives such as grants, tax credits or rebates (23%).

    Two in five (39%) tradespeople have seen increased demand for Wi-Fi and smart lighting installations. Other increasingly popular installations include solar panels (38%), electric radiators (29%), EV chargers (29%), electric boilers (28%), air heat pumps (27%), underfloor heating (26%), and electric energy storage systems (25%).

    Tradespeople are conscious of the benefits of upskilling. Over a third (37%) say it will create opportunities for a greater array of work, 34% say upskilling will make them more employable, or that they are future-proofing their business and workforce. A third (33%) say they are upskilling to meet client demands.

    Despite the benefits, tradespeople are also facing barriers to upskilling. Almost a third (30%) find that there is enough work out there without needing to upskill, while a fifth (21%) do not believe it will give them an advantage, one-in-five (21%) lack the time to upskill, and almost a fifth are not able to afford upskilling at all (18%).

    Alison Traboulsi, Product Manager at Direct Line business insurance commented: “With ambitious net zero targets, the skills required to install green technology will be in huge demand in the coming years.

    “It is encouraging to see the majority of tradespeople taking proactive steps to expand their skills set to meet this growing demand. By upskilling themselves, they are demonstrating their commitment to supporting customers in their transition to greener technology.”