75% of leasing customers surveyed consider moving to an electric or hybrid lease car

To celebrate World EV day on 9th September 2020, Harrogate-based Synergy Car Leasing surveyed its clients* and 75% of respondents were ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to consider an electric or hybrid vehicle as their next lease car.

Key considerations for going electric were environmental concerns, to save money on fuel costs and to reduce company car tax.

Barriers to going electric included range anxiety, with respondents worrying about the life of the battery. In addition to charging point infrastructure concerns, respondents also had the perception of the current range of electric and hybrid vehicles as still being expensive.

To accelerate the electric vehicle consideration process, drivers said they want a better mileage range, more pricing parity with petrol and diesel engines and better access to charging points.

Paul Parkinson, CEO & Founder of Synergy Car Leasing states: “The car leasing industry is well placed to drive forward the electric car revolution. We’re seeing more businesses, owner managers and company car drivers take advantage of the low benefit-in-kind tax rates on electric vehicles for the next few years. Private individuals are also keen to play their part for the environment, reduce their fuel costs and take advantage of some excellent new electric and hybrid cars in the marketplace.

“Vehicle manufacturers across the board are now offering more choice of electric vehicles, with higher mileage ranges than ever before. With many people now mixing remote and office working and therefore driving less miles each week, or moving into a car to use less public transport, there is a great opportunity to take advantage of the green agenda. Our specially trained EV team have full marketplace access to find the right electric or hybrid vehicle to meet the individual’s particular needs.”

*Synergy Car Leasing client database of 264 respondents, July 2020 www.synergycarleasing.co.uk