7FC acquires iSite to expand its software offering

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7FC, a digital transformation agency specialising in ERP systems, announced today that it had acquired the commercial real estate (CRE) platform iSite.

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The move expands 7FC’s portfolio of software, giving the company the opportunity to become a leader in the future of property management technology.

Arfah Malik, one of the partners at 7FC, spoke about seeing a demonstration of iSite while working with a multinational retailer.

Arfah has over a decade of experience working in property management, including building the investment framework for one of the biggest hospitality companies in the country: “When I saw the iSite demonstration, I realised it could do what it took four separate systems at that company to achieve – all in one platform. Its data model and security are the most advanced I’ve ever seen.”

“iSite has had over £18 million in development invested over the last 19 years, and you can see that in the codebase – it was a fantastic product to acquire,” said Carl Moore, Managing Partner at 7FC.

“And it was already being used by some of the world’s biggest retail companies, which showed us the brand had stability. Now, with new management from 7FC, there’s the opportunity to expand beyond retail – into verticals like finance, healthcare, estate agents and hotels.”

As part of the acquisition, 7FC has coordinated a relaunch of the iSite brand, working to streamline the company and extend its product offering to a wider market. Capitalising on its history in the Nottingham area, 7FC retained iSite’s long-standing software experts, bringing with them decades of combined experience using and optimising the platform.

“We’re excited to see where the iSite platform goes under 7FC’s direction,” said Matt Allen, Solution Engineer at iSite. “There’s so much enthusiasm and investment behind the software, and 7FC’s investment means we can take that energy into brand new markets.”

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