80% of leaders of SMEs believe their company should provide COVID testing of employees

Covid testing

Research by market research company 3Gem found 80% of business leaders believe that, after 16th August, their companies should provide COVID testing of employees. This is the date after which fully vaccinated people no longer needed to self-isolate if a contact tests positive for Covid-19.

The survey questioned 500 business leaders managing companies of SME’s. Employee numbers ranged from 50 to 1000+, providing a rare look, beyond scientists, experts and government, into the views of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) on how anti-COVID measures will affect their business.

According to the study, 78% are confident that any disruption to their business caused by COVID will be recovered within a year, and 81% think efficient in-house testing is a worthwhile financial investment for their company.

76% are confident that they have good COVID bio security set up for the Autumn/Winter season and 91% are already organising testing of their employees at work.

45% are happy to amend sick leave policies to ensure full payment for employees who cannot work due to self-isolation whilst living with Covid. 38% are happy in principle but say they cannot afford the costs.

Alex Sheppard, CEO of VATIC Health Limited, which commissioned the survey, says today: “This news confirms that business leaders believe the way out of COVID is by efficient testing at work. An overwhelming number of leaders are prepared to offer workplace testing after 16th August.

“With full vaccinating and workplace testing offering an alternative to mass self-isolation it is now a case of providing the most efficient and manageable tests for companies and their employees.”