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85% want their employers to offer mental health and well-being support

People across the UK face a difficult winter with the economy contracting and energy bills rising, employees are turning to their employers for stability. New research shows that almost nine in ten (85%) workers say employers should play a role in their mental health and well-being.

Cara Brennan Allamano, Chief People Officer at Lattice, said: “The last few years have put individuals under an increasing amount of stress at home and in the workplace. As we enter a winter recession, it’s critical that businesses remain vigilant in safeguarding their staff.

“For businesses to thrive, particularly in an economic crisis, they need high-performing teams. Central to this is the well-being of staff, offering the right support and resources to motivate and avoid burnout.”

These insights come from research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Lattice. The study reveals employees’ attitudes and opinions on wellness within the workplace. Conducted in August 2022, the survey includes responses from over 2,000 GB-based employees at small, medium, and large enterprises.

The research found over four in ten (41%) of GB employees do not have access to mental health and well-being resources via their employer, rising to 73% for employees working in small businesses (less than 50 staff).  However, while large companies (250+ employees) are providing far more wellness resources for their staff, the uptake of resources available remains low.

Over two-thirds of employees (68%) within these organisations have not made use of the wellness resources available to them in the past six months.

When asked to pick their top three reasons for not engaging more with wellness resources, the most chosen reason was that they do not feel like they need any wellness/mental health resources.

Some workers still struggle with the topic of mental health, as 15% said they feel uncomfortable engaging or discussing wellness in the workplace, and 8% are concerned about how engaging on the topic will impact people’s perception of them.

Nearly one quarter (23%) of employees said their mental health and well-being has declined in the last 12 months, which could lead to burnout.

Seth Kramer, Head of EMEA, Lattice, commented: “Our findings highlight that employers are still getting wellness in the workplace wrong. It’s important to remember that a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health and wellbeing is never the solution, but employees want a concerted benefits package that demonstrates an appreciation and understanding of their needs.”