A Life of Climb

Whether you’re a brand new start up, a business struggling to get a foothold in the market or a roaring success, all aspirational businesses will have one thing in common. A good leader who recognises that things could always be better, and who will work to make that happen.

This mindset – this quest for success – is what we at Vistage call a Life of Climb. Every business leader begins their ascent from the bottom of the mountain. However, it’s only those who climb with purpose who can take their business – and their leadership skills – to a higher elevation. A new perspective can change everything. Here’s what a Life of Climb is all about.

The hardest climb

For many, “the hardest climb” will conjure up images of the trek to the summit of Everest or K2. For business leaders, “the hardest climb” is far closer to home.

Your climb is internal. It’s about facing your fears. It’s about overcoming obstacles, runs of bad luck and the fear of failure as you ascend. It’s about scaling peaks that are far beyond your normal comfort zone.

There’s no denying that a life of climb can be a struggle at times. For those tough moments, though, there’s plenty of help along the way.

Choosing the right partners in climb

While it’s true that you alone are responsible for determining and defining the peaks you want to reach, you don’t need to go it alone. Choosing Vistage as your expedition partner can ensure that you’ve got both a guide and fellow climbers joining you.

Your guide? An experienced Vistage Chair. What better guide than someone who has already reached the summit themselves – and who has guided several other climbers on the same journey.

It’s not just your guide who will help you succeed, but your fellow climbers – Vistage members and the wider Vistage community – too.

Who you surround yourself with on your ascent is vital. Vistage members will encourage you, support you, equip you and challenge you to reach heights loftier than you had ever imagined.

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