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Absolute Software launches ransomware response offering as cyber attack fears mount

Absolute Software, a provider of self-healing and secure access solutions, has announced the launch of Absolute Ransomware Response, enabling customers to prepare and accelerate their endpoint recovery, in the face of the growing threat of ransomware attacks.

The offering, part of Absolute Software’s Secure Endpoint product portfolio, will help organisations have the key capabilities and services needed to assess their ransomware preparedness and cyber resilience across endpoints.

It also ensures mission-critical security applications, such as anti-malware and device management tools, remain healthy and capable of self-healing. Should an attack occur, Absolute Ransomware Response can expedite the quarantine and recovery of devices.

Absolute Ransomware Response has been developed to help protect businesses against the growing ransomware threat, which has surged since the accelerated adoption of a ‘work-from-anywhere’ operations model. This popular method of working has significantly expanded the potential ransomware attack and, in turn, has increased the need to extend preparedness and recovery efforts to end-user devices.

In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that organisations will face a new ransomware recovery attack every two seconds by 2031, up from every 11 seconds in 2021.

John Herrema, EVP of Product & Strategy at Absolute Software, said: “Ransomware is more prevalent, more sophisticated, and more capable of disruption than ever and organisations need to plan for ‘when’, not ‘if’ they are successfully attacked.

“When a ransomware attack occurs, organisations are often forced to weigh the risks of cutting off all communication with an infected device, losing the ability to restore or recover it, or leaving the door open for re-infection. This new offering gives them the cyber resiliency needed to mitigate ransomware deployment techniques, restore and update tools critical to recovery, and if needed, hit the ‘kill switch’ – meaning they can wipe the device while still maintaining control so it can be recovered.

Eric Hanselman, Principal Research Analyst at 451 Research, said: “The reality is that, while organisations are very concerned about the time to recover from ransomware attacks, they often solely focus on prevention tools, without planning for the worst-case scenario: falling victim to an attack.

“By building a plan and improving the preparedness and simplifying the endpoint recovery process for their organisations, they can accelerate businesses’ ability to recover and resume operations.”