Academy runs first ever conference to help Headteachers avoid costly fines

Neville Coles - Principal at PCSA

Neville Coles – Principal at PCSA

One of Britain’s best Academy’s is running its first conference to help other schools avoid paying potentially millions of pounds in health and safety slip-ups.

The business arm, Priory Community School Enterprises Limited (PCS Enterprises), of Priory Community School, an Academy Trust, (PCSA) will be hosting 120 delegates from schools from across North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire, Swindon, Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire on Friday at the Campus, Weston-super-Mare on Friday.

They are already helping 80 schools with their health and safety – and plough all profits back into helping PCSA buy more teachers to keep their own class sizes small.

Head of Finance Martin Kerslake said: “This conference is the first of many to help Headteachers across this area. Money is more tight in schools than for years.

“Our team of experts have collectively dozens of years specifically in making sure headteachers can relax knowing everything is covered.

“Our support is sensible, proactive and timely and enables schools to adhere to relevant guidelines and statutes on health and safety, which are often complex.”

PCS Enterprises has grown 80 per cent purely by word of mouth since being set up in 2011. The organisation is unique in being based in an Academy School and helping exclusively schools with their health and safety.

Issues covered at the conference will include ‘what happens when health and safety goes wrong and the school goes to court’, and will feature a Headteacher explaining her experience of going to court.