Accounting for Growth – Key Operational Insights for your Growth in America

Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff will host America Made Easy.

Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff will host America Made Easy.

Host Morgan Pierstorff, Business Development Director for Newable Avitus’ America Made Easy programme, will be exploring the operational elements of scaling your business in the American market speaking with experts from across the Newable Avitus network and beyond about best practices for international firms.

Episode 7

Title: Accounting for Growth – Key Operational Insights for your Growth in America

If International investors setting up in the US can expect one thing, it is complexity. Not only will they have to develop dynamic marketing and sales strategies to effectively traverse a market 40 times larger than the UK, but they also face the necessity of setting up operational processes capable of navigating the myriad of compliance standards which exist in a market of that size. This is particularly relevant for financial reporting and accounting.

Companies eyeing a US expansion will ultimately make a significant financial investment in the capital expenditures necessary to establish themselves and their brand in the market. Their growth will likely result in business activity in several US states with vendors, customers and staff. A company’s capacity to accurately track that activity and comply with reporting requirements that will almost certainly differ from state to state, in addition to the layer of federal reporting, will determine their ability to mitigate costs, to ensure a positive ROI and to scale.

The different accounting standards investors face in the US market mean processes must be refined. While companies in Europe are accustomed to the streamlined principles of IFRS accounting, the rules of US GAAP are complex and numerous. With 50 different states that all differ on deadlines and views for income, sales and property tax, it is important that international investors think about how they will set up their US accounting to manage that complexity.

In episode 7 of the America Made Easy Podcast, we explore US accounting principles with Avitus Director of Accounting Services Andrew Miller from primary differences in US GAAP rules to how to go about setting up your US chart of accounts. That includes the importance of aligning your tax and accounting processes and key questions for the relationship with the US subsidiary’s parent company.

Tune in to our 7th full-length episode as we discuss the role of accounting in ensuring a successful US expansion and why your company should leverage on the ground expertise to bolster the capacity of your existing accounting team.


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Value Bombs from the Podcast

  1. The core difference in US accounting practice are the complex system of rules according to US GAAP standards vs. the streamlined IFRS principles overseas.
  2. All 50 states have different reporting deadlines and requirements when it comes to income, sales and property taxes.
  3. Starting a business in the US can be challenging from a compliance perspective—according to the World Bank the US ranks 55 of 190 nations in ease of starting a business.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Working with Americans: How to Build Profitable Business Relationships

By: Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow

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