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Artificial intelligence is good for us

Simon Danczuk, former MP and advisor to PodcastAI, looks at navigating the AI frontier.

The 1st and 2nd of November saw the Prime Minister host the global AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes. The Summit discussed ‘frontier AI’, which is the most advanced type of Artificial Intelligence. The aim was to help develop frameworks and safeguards for government and companies, but also showcase good practices in AI and promote greater collaboration on safety.

All this is good and well, but in an attempt to drum up support for the Summit internationally, the PM and Ministers initially created a doomsday scenario that was too focused on the harm AI might do, and not enough on what it positively achieves.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Oliver Dowden MP, talked at the United Nations in late September about the dangers of runaway artificial superintelligence. The suggestion is that it could be used to engineer bioweapons, empower autocrats, undermine democracy, and threaten our financial systems. Dowden concluded: “I do not believe we can hold back the tide.”

The power of AI

Just days before the Summit, Rishi Sunak reinforced the point saying: “We will establish the world’s first AI Safety Institute… it will carefully examine, evaluate and test new types of AI so that we understand what each new model is capable of exploring all the risks from social harms like bias and misinformation through to the most extreme risks…”

Reading these sorts of comments, you can’t blame the general public for quivering at what might be achieved with AI. But there are many examples where AI is saving time, money, and actually making our lives safer and more positive.

    Take PodcastAI, a platform which utilises a variety of AI systems to make the production and promotion of podcasts easier and more efficient. There are between 3-4 million podcasts in the world, all of which take an incredible amount of time and effort to present and promote.

    PodcastAI transcribes the conversation and attaches tags which help search and promote the podcast. It creates tables of contents and descriptions of the podcast within seconds instead of hours, and it can even draft a blog, based on the podcast conversation, so that a summary can easily be read and used for promotional purposes. Not only this but the platform can host all your podcasts, enable users to interact with the podcaster, and even generate smart adverts that can be inserted into the podcast in the podcaster’s voice.

    There are many AI platforms which make life easier for us and Arwen AI is one of them. Developed in the UK, this AI moderates social media content, so that every toxic comment or image which is posted under one of your online contributions is dealt with effectively. If you’re a business that uses social media for marketing and promotional purposes but sometimes gets hateful or spam comments, Arwen AI removes them in real time. Instead of having to moderate it yourself, this does it for you.

    Of course, Government should make us aware of how AI could go wrong for us, and how it needs safeguards, but let’s also celebrate what it can do for us now and in the future.