AI start-up behind Tom Cruise deepfakes raises £7.5m to build out hyperreal metaverse experiences

Metaphysic, a company that develops artificial intelligence for hyperreal virtual experiences in the metaverse, announced today it has raised $7.5m from leading tech investors and creators, including Section 32, 8VC, TO Ventures, Winklevoss Capital and Logan Paul.

The funding will help expand Metaphysic’s groundbreaking work in pushing the boundaries of digital experiences, including its focus on pioneering synthetic content creation tools for emergent metaverse worlds that are being built by Facebook and other networks.

In addition to developing technology to scale hyperreal experiences in the metaverse, Metaphysic is a firm using synthetic media to connect influencers and their audiences in novel ways — including via deepfake videos — that are hyperrealistic, ethically created and uniquely compelling. In a statement, Metaphysic CEO and co-founder, Thomas Graham, lauded the funding as a critical step in the company’s mission to build core infrastructure for the metaverse and, in turn, help anyone create hyperreal virtual experiences and other content that is limited only by the imagination.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of amazing investors who have deep experience scaling novel technologies and creating cutting-edge, viral content. Together, we will build artificial intelligence and data management tools that let creators import their perception of reality into virtual worlds,” said Graham. “Forward-thinking investors and content creators understand that the future of the human experience is heading into the digital realm and, in turn, are excited by Metaphysic’s groundbreaking technology that elevates the quality of digital experiences to such a high extent that there is a seamless transition between the metaverse and real life itself.”

Hyperreal synthetic media is already being used in a number of ways, sharpening viewers’ ability to suspend disbelief and become more deeply immersed in imaginary worlds. Studios can create hyper-real content without shooting in person, or reconstruct old, low-resolution footage to update fan favorites. Last spring, Metaphysic made a splash with deepfakes of Tom Cruise pulling off, among other amusing things, playing Dave Matthews Band’s hit song Crash. This turned heads globally because of the technology’s perfect rendering of one of the world’s most widely known actors that, in turn, had other celebrities such as Justin Bieber thinking it was real.

“Metaphysic’s work goes beyond entertainment and content — it is about building connections among people, and creating a more seamless interface between reality and the time we spend online,” said Bill Maris, founder of Section 32, a venture capital fund focusing on frontier technologies. “The team’s commitment to ethical and out-of-the-box applications of this fast-developing technology is important as we gravitate to all-digital platforms that some refer to as the metaverse. I look forward to continuing to work with this great team.”