Alphagreen Group adds Amazon scaling strategies to NUOPTIMA

Next-gen Health and Wellness e-commerce platform Alphagreen Group has added another asset to its growth and incubation service arm NUOPTIMA. Wellness brands can now access NUOPTIMA’s extensive experience in scaling strategies across the Amazon marketplaces.

They have expanded their end-to-end platform by offering an Amazon-specific growth service, opening up its playbook for partner brands looking to scale.

NUOPTIMA Amazon Management Services aims to help wellness and emerging health brands scale their businesses, gain market share, and become category leaders via the e-commerce giant. This service offers an in-depth view of the Amazon marketplace and direct-to-consumer model, with curated consulting across SEO, PPC advertising, omnichannel marketing, and social media strategy.

So far, the NUOPTIMA team has assisted over 30 e-commerce brands grow their Amazon presence across a range of niches, including Canadian brand, Ola Bamboo, previously featured on Dragon’s Den.

Co-Founder Alexej Pikovsky commented: “The opportunities for growth in the health and wellness sector are huge, as evidenced by the strong growth of our marketplace and brands we have been helping to scale.

“We believe entering the Amazon ecosystem and helping brands reach the next level on yet another growth channel will result in exponential growth.”