amber energy helps Europe’s largest indoor snow sports provider go zero-carbon

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Snozone, which operates Europe’s largest indoor snowsports facilities with locations in Madrid, Yorkshire and Milton Keynes, is now powered by energy that comes exclusively from zero-carbon, 100% renewable sources.

With the help of Cardiff-based energy management consultancy amber energy, Snozone’s UK sites are now Renewable Electricity EcoAct Assured, with its Yorkshire and Milton Keynes venues using hydro, wind, and solar-powered electricity from Bryt Energy, the zero-carbon business energy supplier.

amber energy has been a strategic partner of Snozone’s in the UK since 2020, helping it to assess the energy sustainability potential of its venues, and amber energy will continue to support Snozone as it prepares to reopen its UK venues when national lockdown restrictions ease.

Tom Hooper, head of growth sales at amber energy, said: “We’re a business that’s focused on sustainability and helping our clients to achieve their emissions reduction targets is a huge part of this. Snozone is a principles-led company that shares our passion for better business practices, and its shift to 100% renewable electricity is testament to this.”

A spokesperson from Snozone said: “We’re always looking for ways to provide the best experiences for our guests while leading by example as a responsible business. Working with amber energy made the process of sourcing zero-carbon energy simple. Their knowledge and support will help us to achieve our carbon reduction objectives.”

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  1. Zero Carbon is a myth! It only works if everyone and every business goes Zero Carbon!
    If the employees of both businesses use their salaries to buy petrol, clothes, food…, then any gains from one part will be undone by the ‘spending’ of another.
    If every business was actually Zero Carbon then the economy would crash! Also consider, if company pensions are invested in fossil fuels or commodities, which they probably are, then this there is absolutely no Zero Carbon. Any gains are undone.

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