The North’s shining M&A beacon

  • In the driving seat is John Rigby, K3 Capital Group CEO
  • We talk about the pandemic’s effect on M&A, managing data and much more

finnCap has been up and down the country speaking to leaders for the Driving Ambition series. In this edition, we profile Bolton-based K3 Capital Group; a professional services firm providing advisory services to SMEs throughout the UK and overseas.

The firm has gone through an impressive evolution since it was founded as KBS in 1998. Fast forward to today and K3 is listed on the AIM and is one of the UK’s leading and fastest-growing Business and Company sales specialists in the country. In the company’s driving seat is John Rigby. Having joined the company in 2000, John become the Group’s Managing Director in 2010 and has been responsible for driving growth and integral in the development of the low cost, process driven delivery platform.

Our series host Oli Barrett sat down with John to discuss the pandemic’s effect on M&A, managing data and much more. Watch the full discussion below and be sure to catch up with the rest of the interviews in the Driving Ambition series.

Here’s what we covered during the discussion:

  • Could you tell us about K3 Capital Group and the work that you do? (0:42)
  • What is your acquisition strategy, being the CEO of a group of companies? (3:27)
  • How have you dealt with the challenges of the past few years, specifically around the pandemic and Brexit? (4:28)
  • How has the pandemic affected M&A deals across the board? (5:21)
  • What would you say are the main challenges facing your Group and you as a leader? (7:24)
  • Are there any recent developments that have inspired you or got you thinking? (9:01)
  • You’re a company that manages a huge amount of data. What challenges do you come across in managing this? (11:06)
  • How has tech evolved to give you a better chance of mapping buyers to sellers? (12:48)
  • How has data compliance changed since Brexit? (13:55)
  • How are you approaching sustainability as a company? (14:33)
  • What do you put the Group’s success down to? (15:34)

What is the finnCap Ambition Nation Listed 50?

The Driving Ambition interview series highlights companies that feature on finnCap’s Ambition Nation Listed 50. In 2018, renowned financial advisor finnCap launched Ambition Nation; a platform for innovative, high growth companies to showcase their success stories and discuss the challenges of the modern business landscape.

Firmly at the beating heart of corporate Britain’s growth, the companies on the Ambition Nation Listed 50 are small- to mid-cap PLCs that have been identified using the finnCap Group’s Slide Rule. This equity analysis tool identifies companies that offer the best blend of growth and quality.

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