America Made Easy? New podcast series helps SMEs streamline US expansion

Coronavirus may be impacting business around the world right now, but disruption is expected to be relatively short-lived and opportunities will abound for ambitious British businesses eyeing a US expansion when things return to normal.

America is the largest consumer market in the world with over 265 million consumers. Its $21.4trn economy accounts for a quarter of the world’s GDP and is eight times larger than the UK – California’s economy alone is bigger.

Much has been written about the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US, but any UK company which has tackled the American market will tell you there are plenty of obstacles along the way.

With scale comes complexity and America is far more complex from a regulatory, tax and even cultural perspective than most UK business owners realise.

Rather than learning the hard way, UK SMEs would be wise to consider how best to route their US expansion and seek help along the way.

The America Made Easy podcast helps SMEs tackle the complexity of setting up and growing their business in the American market.

In season one, the podcast, produced by the Transatlantic Joint Venture Newable Avitus, will be exploring the operational elements of scaling your business in the American market by speaking with experts on topics ranging from culture to tax to talent as it seeks to help SMEs map and execute a successful US expansion strategy.

The series will offer a roadmap for success in the American market. It will be hosted by Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff, who will launch the series by talking to Allyson Stewart-Allen – founder and CEO of International Marketing Partners – to identify some key challenges facing UK firms targeting the US.

Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff will host America Made Easy.

Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff will host America Made Easy.

Later episodes will be designed to help small and midsized companies succeed in international expansion, and will offer advice on overcoming cultural pitfalls, market challenges and regulatory complexity.

Pierstorff said: “If you are leading or are part of a team responsible for executing a US expansion, regardless of whether you are at square one or have been in the US market for years… or if you have wished you could test your business in the US market before fully investing, the America Made Easy Podcast can help you streamline your operations and growth.”

The 10-part America Made Easy podcast series will be available on Apple, Google, Spotify and Stitcher. Find out more information – or subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode – by clicking here.