Anyclips nets $47m funding round and launches as ‘The Visual Intelligence Company’


AnyClip, fueled by the closing of a new $47m investment led by JVP, is positioning itself as The Visual Intelligence Company.

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The company is introducing the expanded AnyClip platform – ushering in a new era in video analytics with the goal of providing businesses the next generation AI tools necessary to unlock the power of their video, elevate their organization’s video acumen and change the paradigm of how we use the visual medium.

Video production, dissemination and viewership is at an all-time high, accelerated by a year of a global pandemic lock-down. It is clear that businesses are simultaneously producing and drowning in content as video becomes the dominant form of communication.

Enterprises, SME’s and SMB’s alike are attempting to adapt and are being tasked with elevating their video strategy – achieving better ROI and showing measurable impact of their investment in video production.

As businesses struggle to cope with the proliferation of video – internally and externally – they are looking for a revolutionary solution to the challenge, a solution that drives discovery and contextual viewership and achieves business KPIs without the inherent financial investment, professional overhead and need for in-house technical expertise.

“Video is now the leading communications medium for businesses around the world, but this tectonic shift to video has resulted in an infinite amount of new content that’s nearly impossible to navigate,” explained AnyClip President and CEO Gil Becker. “Our visual intelligence platform is helping bring order to this chaos for businesses in all industries, of all sizes and in any language. Powered by this new investment, AnyClip is expanding to address the needs of a huge untapped market for an automated platform that makes videos more discoverable, actionable, and personalized.”

“There is a revolution coming in the way enterprises use video to convey their message and their identity”, says Erel Margalit, JVP founder and Chairman, and Anyclip’s Board Chairman.

“For the first time, AI meets video. Companies and organizations are now working to utilize this to create a new mode of communications, internally and externally, in all areas where video dominates in a much stronger way than text. Whether it’s how to create videos for consumers or training videos for the organization, or learning how to manage conferences run by video on zoom which need intelligent management in the retrieving of content. This is a new era, and AnyClip is a vital tool for anyone embarking upon it.”

The investment led by JVP. Other investors included are La Maison, Bank Mizrahi and internal investors.