Apple man Dan helping business leaders to get the world’s best Wi-Fi and save their companies tens of thousands

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Dan Jones is a guest speaker at some of the globe’s biggest Wi-Fi events and helps organisations to get the best quality Wi-Fi speed and quality in the world.

The Wi-Fi and Apple expert honed his skills whilst working for Apple in London as part of the Business Team and subsequently for Apple’s customers as a certified consultant.

Then after becoming an expert in all things Apple and Wi-Fi, he now mixes the two to help businesses and organisations get the very best Wi-Fi the world has to offer.

Now he is heading to Las Vegas in October as a speaker at the Wireless Technology Forum, following up from presenting to Audiences at Phoenix, Arizona (US) earlier this year.

Dan, Of Maven, based near Bristol, said ”There is no doubt that organisations are wasting tens of thousands of pounds by suffering terrible Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi should be as world-class as the Apple products companies are using.”

“Apple make some of the best hardware on the market and I am passionate to help leaders of businesses get 100% of the potential Wi-Fi speed and quality that is deserved from using Apple products.

“I am regularly shocked at the poor quality Wi-Fi that I come across being used by businesses and organisations, that are not using the potential that any products should demand, let alone Apple.”

To follow down go to @ukdanjones and to read Dan’s blog click

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