Are supermarkets doing enough to prevent possible deadly second coronavirus wave?


The time to take steps to prevent a potentially deadly second wave of the coronavirus is now, according to a report by the Academy of Medical Sciences, which warns that almost 120,000 people could die if the country does not begin ‘urgent preparation.’

With evidence now suggesting the virus thrives in colder temperatures, scientists are predicting an increase in Covid-19 cases, which will place overwhelming demand on the NHS alongside the usual winter pressures faced.

Professor Stephen Holgate, who led the report, warned that now was ‘a critical window of opportunity to help us prepare for the worst that winter can throw at us and ‘the risk of this happening could be reduced if we take action immediately.’

UK supermarkets should be doing more to prevent the spread of the virus and help the country avoid a critical second spike.

That’s the view Mike Wilkinson, MD of Clean Trolley, a trolley cleaning machine that effectively kills off Covid-19.

Until now, and despite a concerted effort to get UK supermarkets cleaning their trolleys more thoroughly, Mike has found a reluctance from them to engage. But it’s now time for them to change.

“While lockdown has eased, many people think that the threat is going, but it quite clearly isn’t,” said Mike. “We are seeing more localised lockdowns and from August 1, those who have been ‘shielding’ from Covid-19 because they are extremely vulnerable to the virus, will no longer be advised to shield.

“Supermarkets will see a rise in customers, and they need to be prepared and have the best practices in place to keep those customers safe.”

Clean Trolley functions in a similar way to a car wash but uses a viricide which effectively kills off Covid-19. Unlike the current method of a retail assistant giving the handle a quick wipe down, an entire row of trolleys can be pushed through the machine and cleaned in under 30 seconds, with every single part of the trolley sprayed

Around 200 Clean trolley machines have been sold in Germany every week to help combat the virus, with the nation seeing one of the lowest coronavirus rates in the world.

“As essential shops, supermarkets are so important as they stay open during localised lockdowns and trolleys connect the most diverse users with each other, as everyone leaves their germs on them ready for the next person to pick up,” added Mike.

“So, supermarket trolleys MUST be cleaner to prevent any rise in coronavirus cases, but unfortunately middle managers we have contacted have been uninterested. Given the fact that a second wave is likely, it’s hard to understand why they have proved so dismissive.”

If you would like to trial Clean Trolley, contact Mike Wilkinson by phone on 01254 706348/07538 868206 or at

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