Ascot Group invests through COVID-19 pandemic

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott, CEO of The Ascot Group

The Ascot Group, a marketing, media and tech group has continued to invest through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group has employed 20 new members of staff since the March 2020 lockdown and has recently purchased a further 7,000 sq ft offices in Weston-super-Mare to accommodate growth. The new office will incorporate a pitching room, video recording studio and podcast suite.

Andrew Scott, Founder and CEO commented: “Like most companies we have been affected by COVID-19, but we quickly adapted our business model and invested in resources and talented people during these uncertain times to enable the group to accelerate faster as normality returns.”

The new office is part of a £1m-plus investment strategy and the group expects to be around 100 employees by the end of the year, across four different sites in London and near Bristol.

The Group has also successfully completed a number of acquisitions and equity investments in the last nine months and is now targeting further acquisitions in publishing, marketing and tech.

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