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ASET Hospital in Merseyside expands with help of HSBC funding

ASET Hospital's Medical Director Dr Hassan Shaaban (left) with HSBC UK Relationship Manager Andrea Fulton

A Merseyside-based independent hospital has secured a seven-figure funding package from HSBC UK to support its expansion.

ASET Hospital has used the HSBC UK funding to triple the number of its operating theatres and grow its overnight bed capacity.

The hospital has additionally used the funding to invest in surgical and medical equipment, enabling the business to expand its healthcare support; not just for ASET Hospital’s self-pay patients but also for the NHS patients with non-cosmetic conditions.

ASET Hospital was established in 2019 as a cosmetic surgery clinic. In response to Covid-19, ASET Hospital offered its facilities to support the NHS by providing care to patients with skin cancer. On average, the hospital currently provides care to a hundred NHS patients with skin cancer each month.

As a result of the HSBC UK funding, ASET Hospital is set to triple its staff members and increase its turnover threefold over the next 12 months.

HSBC UK and ASET Hospital have also secured concrete foundations for further expansion, including increasing the number of operating theatres from three to five.

Mr Hassan Shaaban, Medical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon at ASET Hospital, said: “We’re incredibly proud of the treatments and care we offer at ASET Hospital so it’s fantastic that we can now accommodate more patients, increase our capacity and grow our team of highly qualified and experienced staff. We’re grateful to HSBC UK for facilitating our expansion. We’re now well-positioned to continue our vision for growth, all whilst continuing to put the safety and wellbeing of our patients at the heart of our plans.”

Mr Shaaban has over 25 years Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery experience. He is also an NHS consultant and specialises in the field of reconstruction following trauma and Head and Neck cancer.

Andrea Fulton, Relationship Manager at HSBC UK, said: “We’re delighted to support the growth of a hospital which is playing such an important role in conducting NHS surgical treatments in the North West. Expansion will bring exciting new opportunities to the hospital, staff and more important to the patients and wider community”

The relationship between ASET Hospital and HSBC UK was introduced by Mark Jerman, Senior Commercial Manager at Watts Commercial Finance.