Assystem Technologies partners with Sono Motors

Automotive Solutions Germany (ASG), member of Assystem Technologies and automotive lighting solutions specialist, will support Sono Motors by developing the exterior lighting of its’ Sion electrical solar car, the first series vehicle capable of recharging its’ battery from the sun.

ASG-Assystem Technologies will handle the design and preparation for series production of the entire exterior lighting of the Sion, from headlights and rear lights to high-mounted brake lights.

A joint team bringing together experts from both ASG-Assystem Technologies and Sono Motors will develop a customised solution combining the enduring but lightweight LED-technology with cost-effective reflector-light systems.

ASG-Assystem Technologies Managing Director Andreas Spiegelberger said: “We are excited to cooperate with Sono Motors on this innovation project. We will be integrating cutting-edge lightweight lighting technology into the functional design of the car, in a way that meets both cost control and sustainability requirements of the Sion project.

Jona Christians, CEO of Sono Motors commented: “We are excited to team up with ASG-Assystem Technologies. As an experienced automotive lighting specialist, ASG-Assystem Technologies will be a strong development and production partner for the LED-technology equipment of the Sion.“

The Sion is the first series car to use solar panels on the chassis to recharge its battery. The integrated solar cells ensure that – depending on driving performance and insolation – a large part of the required energy comes from an entirely renewable source: the sun. The objective is to get the Sion on the road in the second half of 2019 for €16,000.