Aston Martin partner with Zeelo to change the future of commuting

Zeelo, the flexible shuttle service, is launching its ZeeloCOMMUTE service with major UK automotive manufacturer Aston Martin in a move to change the future of commuting.

Utilising Zeelo’s AI platform RINA, the shared mobility service helps to reduce both commuter congestion and emission levels during peak hours, as well as improving employees’ productivity and work-life balance.

The benefits for local congestion and air quality have been a key consideration in the roll-out of the service. Each person who commutes by coach saves an average of 91.2g of CO2 per mile. ZeeloCOMMUTE is a new environmentally friendly way to commute outside cities, aside from walking or cycling.

The new ZeeloCOMMUTE services will run from Leamington Spa, Cubbington, Whitnash and Coventry, to Aston Martin’s site in Gaydon offering more Aston Martin employees the benefits of being driven directly to their office. Commuters can buy a regular travel passes for ZeeloCOMMUTE to help make travel planning more flexible.

Barney Williams, Zeelo Co-Founder, said: “There are many options to commute in major cities on public transport, however for major companies not based in city centres, this forces most employees to travel by car. We know that the key to making shared-commuting services successful is to work with companies directly.

“By implementing just one commuter coach, we can take around 50 cars off the road and out of the office car park each day. The journeys are comparably cost-effective to driving, and with ZeeloCOMMUTE employees can be more productive and also ensure that they get home on time in the evenings.

“We are proud to have had the opportunity to roll-out this first-of-its-kind service with a company of the stature of Aston Martin. While we are excited to have partnered with Aston Martin to launch ZeeloCOMMUTE, there are still thousands of workers up and down the country who still face a long and difficult commute to work. Our goal is to work as many other leading companies across the UK so that they too can ensure that their employees can have a more cost-effective and hassle-free journey to work.”