Auditel welcomes Wyse Solutions to its growing network of Franchisees

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Auditel has announced that Wyse Solutions has joined its growing Network of Franchisees and bring an added dimension of experience with their skills in document management and printing and mailing.

Auditel is the UK-based company advising in the field of Cost Control, Supply Chain Management and Procurement, identifying and delivering the best outcomes relating to all cost areas.

As businesses come out of these incredibly testing times with the gradual lifting period following lockdown, Auditel can help organisations face the ‘new normal’ and accelerate their return to stability and ultimately commercial success.

Facing the challenges – ‘The New Normal’

Since March this year, the shape and very core of most UK businesses have changed at a speed, and in ways no one in the world ever thought possible.

Whilst that change has caused untold heartache and difficulties for many, now is the time for companies to take back control of their own destiny, define their own ‘new normal’ and adopt an opportunity mindset to successfully come out the other side of lockdown.

Why should your business just aspire to return to the way things were, if in fact things can be so much better in a new form of normal for you? Who says you cannot define what this new normal looks like?

Auditel’s trusted professional consultants can work with you to highlight a road map to steer you through the new normal.

We are a potential resource to help companies and organisation to find and implement cost control solutions if they cannot do it all themselves.

Why is it important to take a new approach?

Why is taking a new approach to cost control so important right now?

  • The events of the last few months will force many businesses to cut significant costs out of the organisation. In some cases, this would have been overnight with the closure of offices, introduction of home working, suspension of supply agreements and furloughing of staff. We would argue that as we gradually return to some form of normal now is the time to be ever more vigilant about what costs you allow back into the business and how you control those that you do allow back in.
  • Every £1,000 you can keep from coming back into your business as a cost, could represent the same value as much as £10,000 in sales revenue. More if your net profit margin is less than 10%.
  • Moreover, the money saved from every cost you keep from coming back into your business, could be redirected to additional marketing at a time when gaining more market share has never been so opportune.
  • These same savings can also quickly rebuild cash reserves, strengthen balance sheets and/or satisfy investors.

With an impending recession, combined with trading uncertainties, controlling costs is key to redefining the way businesses are run post-Covid-19. It is prudent to be discussing this right now as ‘no cost is sacred’ in the management of your organisation.

There has never been a more challenging time for British businesses, but with Auditel’s guidance, you can achieve your new normal in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take. Auditel works with both SME’s and Corporates alike.

For further information, please contact:

Alex Scott
Senior Consultant
Tel: 07967 477286

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