Aurelia raises $3m from Blossom Capital to help European expansion

Aurelia, the startup dubbed “IFTTT for financial admin” because it helps businesses automate tasks across third-party financial apps and services on a single platform – has raised $3m in seed funding from Blossom Capital and angel investors including Guillaume Pousaz (Founder & CEO at through his Zinal Growth investment vehicle and Erez Mathan (ex-COO and CRO at GoCardless).

Founded in April by a team of engineers and developers formerly of Wise and JP Morgan, Aurelia has been designed to help relieve the financial admin burden faced by small businesses across Europe. Instead of spending more than 15 hours a week – the equivalent to losing an entire month every year just managing admin – business owners on Aurelia get greater insight and clarity over their entire financial landscape from one place.

Sebastian Trif, co-founder of Aurelia, said: “We see lots of fintech apps and banks that try to capture everything a business has but many small businesses aren’t keen on moving their company’s financial life into a new product. Instead, business owners want a platform that can simplify what it means to run a business, so it should be as simple as checking your email. With Aurelia, we allow people to bring together the software and tools they are using already, give them an overview of what’s happening across these different platforms, and start automating on top of it. We’re excited for people across Europe to get to experience Aurelia and start automating repetitive financial tasks, so they can reclaim their time and focus on what they need to do to grow their business.”