Australian services marketplace platform to create thousands of jobs in the UK

Australia’s largest local services marketplace, Airtasker, have announced their launch in the UK.

The platform, which helps people and small business get their everyday tasks done is set to create hundreds of thousands of working opportunities in the UK.

The UK launch follows a successful funding round in October 2017 which saw the company raise over £19 million for its UK expansion.

This will be the company’s first market outside of Australia and Airtasker Co-founder and CEO, Tim Fung, said the decision was supported by the UK’s massive, skilled workforce and the cultural affinity with Australia.

Fung said: “One of the main reasons we have chosen the UK as our first launch country outside of Australia is because of the huge market size. We’re creating more than A$100 million per year in working opportunities in Australia and the UK population is almost three times the size.

“With more than 65.6 million people living in the UK, there is a huge pool of people with real skills and a big opportunity to have a positive impact on the future of work.

“Our mission is to empower people to realise the full value of their skills and the Airtasker platform gives people the opportunity to work in a truly flexible way by choosing the work that they want to do and then setting their own hours and pricing.”

Whilst professional tradesmen, freelancers, students and consultants can use Airtasker to identify opportunities to grow their existing small business, the platform also provides working opportunities for people who might not want or be able to find work through traditional means.

For example, people who look after young children or those that want to use Airtasker to supplement an existing part time occupation or those that have unique skills that can’t be monetised through traditional, supply-led channels.

Airtasker has already seen over 13,000 people register to work on the UK platform.

Prior to today, a small group were invited to test the platform and be some of the first to get their tasks done, which saw thousands of pounds already passing through the platform ahead of the official launch.