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Leading fair financial expert, entrepreneur and broadcaster, Dr Roger Gewolb, is a champion of fairness throughout the consumer finance industry and a regular contributor to some of the biggest media outlets worldwide. From Forbes, The Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily Mail, to BBC, TalkTV, GB News, Newsman and Fox Radio his wealth of knowledge and experience have made him a fronting and truthful industry leader expert. His expert insights via his YouTube channel through short form Vlogs and exclusive one-to-one interviews with high-profile guests, including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

A former Adjunct Professor of International Finance, Banking and Business Law, Dr Roger has served as adviser to the Bank of England and UK Treasury, as well as a personal finance and credit expert and he extended his problem-solving skills to unfair practices in financial and comparison services by founding the non profit Campaign for Fair Finance and also co-Founded - which provides unique comparison, Machine Intelligence, Proactive Monitoring and other FinTech and FinServ products and services.

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