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AWA publishes 10-point plan to help employers combat “The Great Resignation”

New contracts with transfer fees for key employees, actions to promote friendships among team members and a change in promotion policies are among the radical suggestions put forward by management consultancy Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) to help employers tackle “The Great Resignation”, which is seeing millions of people across the US and Europe quit their jobs.

The re-evaluation of lifestyles and priorities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen white-collar workers resigning in waves, with over four million people a month leaving jobs in the US this summer, and a recent survey saying a quarter of all UK workers planning to change jobs in the next few months.

To help employers respond to “The Great Resignation”, as this has been dubbed, AWA is publishing a 10 point plan to help employers avoid losing key employees in whom they have invested a great deal of time and money develop critical knowledge and skills. AWA’s suggestions include:

  • Upgrading management skills and stopping the self-defeating practice of rewarding technical excellence with managerial role promotions;
  • Taking time to help develop friendships among a workforce which is now largely working remotely so would not build social cohesion naturally by creating connections through being in the same office;
  • Assuage the C-suite’s concerns that remote or hybrid working will create “work anarchy” where everyone does what they fancy with little supervision;
  • Develop new types of employment contracts which are more of a two way street. This would be a development of the deal struck between many professional services firms and their employees that, if the employee leaves within a certain period, they must pay for the cost of the training they received. AWA sees the potential for new contracts akin to those that sports teams have with their stars, where in exchange for a signing-on fee and an agreed progression structure, the worker agrees to remain in the organisation’s employ for a defined period during which if they leave, the receiving employer has to pay a transfer fee.

Says Andrew Mawson, managing director of AWA: “As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the game has changed and so must organisations if they are going to hang on to their best people and attract the talent they need for the future.

“Change is never easy but, without it, the success of many organisations in a rapidly evolving digital world will be limited. Employers must act now or ‘The Great Resignation’ will leave them with a big hole in their skilled and knowledgeable workforce which, in extremis, could be mission-critical.”