Bakery and chilled food firm merger could result in job losses

Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brothers has announced a merge of two of its sites

Samworth Brothers, which makes Ginsters pasties and Soreen malt loaf, is set to merge two of its Cornish businesses.

However, the move could come at a price as it could result in a loss of a small number of jobs.

The current plans will see the company merge its Tamar and Lynher operations in Callington, Cornwall to create a Savoury Pastry Centre of Excellence

The Leicestershire-headquartered food giant, who has also appointed a new chief executive in Flor Healy after spending 14 years in the same position at Kerry Foods, employs more than 8,300 people in Leicestershire and Cornwall, and also owns the Walkers pies brand.

The appointment comes after Alex Knight left in March 2017 after only being in the job for just over a year.

In October, the company reported turnover of £949 million for the 52 weeks to 31 December 2016, up from £901 million experienced in the 53 weeks in 2015.

Samworth Brothers, which started life in the 1800s, also owns companies including Bradgate Bakery, Melton Foods, Blueberry Foods, Kensey Foods, Brooksby Foods, Kettleby Foods, Saladworks, Walkers Deli, Walkers Sausage Co, Walkers Pies and Tamar Foods.