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Bath-based chef wins national award

Richard Buckley of Acorn vegan restaurant in Bath, has won the Veggie Pioneer award in olive magazine’s inaugural Chef Awards, recognising the unheralded chefs who have been quietly excelling in the background.

The winners, across seven categories, are revealed in the latest edition of olive, which praises Richard for cooking “good food that just so happens to be vegan, rather than be defined by it. Its vibrant food keeps diners interested to the last bite, with a balanced combination of flavours and textures.”

Nominees for the olive Chef Awards were voted for by the public, with the winners being chosen by panel of experts, including, olive magazine editor Laura Rowe, Bristol-based journalist and restaurant inspector Mark Taylor, award-winning food author and Guardian food columnist Felicity Cloake, and social media foodie influencer Clerkenwell Boy.

Head judge Laura Rowe added: “Richard’s food has continued to improve and improve over the years and it’s little surprise to us at olive that he’s won this award. He impressed our judges with his approach to plant-based cookery, shunning easy wins from carbs or cheese, and instead displaying the true versatility and ingenuity that can be achieved with vegetables alone.”