Battista hyper GT leads the way for sustainable luxury at Goodwood’s Electric Avenue

BattistaLuxuryHyperGT2 (1)

Automobili Pininfarina will be at the forefront of the electric revolution at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed, from the 8th to 11th July, with the Battista pure electric hyper GT.

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Aiming to lead the sustainable automotive luxury movement, Automobili Pininfarina will take the centre stage at Goodwood’s Electric Avenue exhibition space.

The Electric Avenue display will be located at the heart of the event and forms part of the Festival’s ongoing focus on innovation, immersing visitors in the journey towards zero emissions as they explore the diverse range of electric vehicles available.

The Battista launch model will be showcased within this section, giving Goodwood visitors a first chance to view the hyper GT at the world-famous event. It channels more than 90 years of iconic Italian heritage and is the most powerful Italian sports car ever made, combining exquisite design with luxurious sustainable materials and a sophisticated pure-electric powertrain to represent the pinnacle of the EV technology.

Per Svantesson, Chief Executive Officer, Automobili Pininfarina, said: “We are excited to bring Battista to the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed for the first time.  This hyper GT and our future portfolio of luxury electric cars will offer the beautiful design and personalisation opportunities one expects from Automobili Pininfarina, with thrilling performance enabled by zero-emissions powertrain technology and an array of sustainably sourced design features and finishes. Goodwood’s Electric Avenue is a perfect showcase for this vision of future luxury.”

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