Benevolent Bosses Get Ready to Spread Some Christmas Cheer

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Britain’s bosses have given a resounding thumbs up to the annual Christmas Party tradition, with 85% saying they plan to treat staff to an evening out during the festive season.

86% of UK business leaders surveyed by CEO mentoring organisation Vistage say hosting an end of year get-together is a good excuse to boost morale among staff, with the overwhelming majority agreeing to put their hand in their pocket to pay for celebrations.

According to Vistage, most bosses expect to spend in the region of £50 per head on staff festivities, while a little over one in ten (14%) plan to splash out in excess of £100 on food, drink and entertainment for each of their employees.

Just over half (53%) of respondents say they’re happy to let go of the reins for the evening and encourage staff to fully let their hair down. But a quarter (24%) of those surveyed say they find it difficult to relax at the Christmas Party, while one in ten (12%) admit to worrying that the behaviour of staff might get out of hand.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Geoff Lawrence, General Manager at Vistage, said: “It would be a sad day indeed were we to lose the tradition of the annual staff Christmas Party. Thankfully, our research suggests there is little cause for concern.

“There might be one or two concerns about certain members of staff taking things a bit too far, but most bosses recognise the morale-boosting effect of allowing teams to let their hair down once in a while.”

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