BIG MAMMA founders and Christine de Wendel raise €20m seed round


BIG MAMMA founders Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger have joined forces with Christine de Wendel to announce a €20m seed round to support the launch of a new, innovative payment method – Sunday – created by restaurateurs for restaurants.

Designed to enable customers to pay in under 10 seconds, this new technology will benefit both customers and restaurants, by creating a smoother process for modern restaurant owners, members staff and customers. The solution will be deployed simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic (France, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States). The ultimate goal is to make the bricks & mortar restaurant experience as simple and fast as online.

Combatting the millions of hours that are wasted daily, waiting for the bill to be paid, the three founders and a team of more than thirty restaurant and tech enthusiasts have created a new tool – Sunday – that allows customers to pay the bill in 10 seconds, by using a QR code.

With this proven success, the two entrepreneurs decided to partner with US-based Christine de Wendel, former COO of Mano Mano, to make this solution available to the hospitality industry, offering restaurant owners a new payment service that is simpler and more cost-effective than their current solutions.

“It’s simple: we do better for cheaper. For the customer it’s great and for the restaurant owner and his staff it’s great and profitable,” said Christine de Wendel, co-founder and CEO of SUNDAY in the US.