BigChange develops ‘no touch’ signature capture to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission

BigChange, the mobile workforce management technology company, has developed a ‘no touch’ signature capture app to eliminate sign-on glass handling of mobile devices.

Mobile workers making deliveries or doing onsite service work usually require an acknowledgment signature by handing their mobile device to the customer for signing on screen.

The BigChange No Touch app enables the signature capture screen to appear on a recipients’ own smartphone or other mobile device.

Instead of handing over their device or obtaining no signature confirmation at all, with BigChange’s No Touch app the mobile worker simply shares the signature capture link which the recipient can receive via email, WhatsApp, SMS or whatever app they use.

This allows sign off remotely and will also be useful more generally where customers are not normally on site, such as installations, deliveries and services work at unmanned or remote sites.

Martin Port, founder and CEO of BigChange, comments: “To minimise the spread of COVID-19, staff making deliveries or undertaking essential service work need to maintain a safe distance from their customers.

“Sign on glass has become the norm for providing a proof of service or delivery but it involves handing the device to the recipient. Our No Touch Signature Capture feature addresses this problem and will help keep mobile workers and their customers safe.”

BigChange, whose mobile office and workforce platform is used by 45,000 workers, has responded to calls from customers wanting to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission whilst delivering essential services.

The No Touch App will be available from the third week in April 2020.