Bioscience company HydRegen appoints Head of Molecular Biology and Enzyme Production

HydRegen, the revolutionary bioscience company, has appointed Miguel Ramirez Hernandez as Head of Molecular Biology and Enzyme Production. Miguel will bring a whole new area of R&D and expertise to the team at HydRegen, enabling them to compete with peers in the industrial biotechnology sector and expanding their competencies.

This follows the recent news of their six-figure funding package.

Miguel is an experienced molecular biologist with a background in Chemical Engineering and Protein Engineering. Since 2016, he has been contributing to the development of the HydRegen technology, focusing on the identification, engineering, and preparation of the enzymes behind their proprietary platform. Miguel’s research interests include the application of enzymes to create more environmentally friendly industrial processes and tackling sustainability and energy issues using nature’s own tools.

Development of greener and less wasteful processes is at the forefront for many companies who are under increasing regulatory, policy and financial pressures to improve their sustainability. HydRegen is working in collaboration with pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies that want to reduce their costs and environmental impact, most specifically around the challenges associated with waste generation and their use of toxic metals.

Since spinning out from the University of Oxford in 2021, HydRegen has focused on implementation of their new strategies for reducing the environmental impact of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing. With a vision to replace finite resources like metals, with environmentally and economically sustainable alternatives like hydrogen gas, HydRegen is addressing the unmet needs in the chemical sector.

Dr Holly Reeve, CEO at HydRegen said: “We are very excited to have Miguel join our team at HydRegen. His expertise is critical to helping us identify lower-cost, scalable manufacturing routes to the highly specialised enzymes behind our biotechnology, taking us another step closer to commercialisation. Licensing our technology across a wide range of applications will help our clients in their mission to meet their net-zero goals.”

Miguel Ramirez Hernandez, Head of Molecular Biology and Enzyme Production at HydRegen, comments: “Having contributed to the development of their technology over the last six years, I am really excited to join the team at HydRegen following their spin-out from the University of Oxford. I have a lot of experience and knowledge to help accelerate HydRegen on their journey to a sustainable chemical sector.”