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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

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Chilcot accuses Blair of Iraq war claims

Former Labour Leader and Prime Minister, Tony Blair was not ’straight with the nation’ about his decisions and the information he gave the public in the lead up to the Iraq War.

Sir John Chilcot, chairman of the inquiry into the Iraq War, made the accusation after a year of silence in the media following the release of the report.

The report itself stated that Blair had overstated the threat to the UK and the danger that Saddam Hussein posed.

Labour embracing technological advances

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told parliament that the UK must embrace technological change and doesn’t believe advancements in technology would lead to mass unemployment.

Labelling himself as ‘not one of the doom-mongers’,  he stated the government should work with UK businesses to maximise the benefits of automation and further technological advancement.

Boris backs May’s leadership

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has dismissed widespread reports of leadership speculation within the Conservative party and has back PM Theresa May following a ‘difficult’ election.

He believes that there will be no vacancy for the top job for a ‘very long time’  and that may had shown ‘unbelievable grace and steel’.

Education secretary and Corbyn clash over skills gap row

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a major investment in skills to tackle the ‘skills gap’ caused by ten years of Tory leadership. Corbyn believes that this has had an effect on UK living standards and that change needs to happen immediately.

However, education secretary Justine Greening believes her party’s promise for a ‘skills revolution’ will give businesses and the public the opportunity to improve their skills within their sectors.

UK to lose its global influence

Former foreign secretary, Lord William Hague has warned that Brexit will damage the future influence the UK will have with the world and that it was ‘logical’ that the split form Brussels would have far-reaching consequences for UK businesses.

Hague also explained that the EU would struggle without Britain’s influence, due to having the largest military and aid budget of any country in Europe.

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