Bloodhound speeds into the ‘Built in Britain’ feature at London Motor Show


The British supersonic land vehicle BLOODHOUND SSC will take centre stage on the ‘Built In Britain’ feature at The London Motor Show before it goes for its first record-breaking attempt later this year.

Current land speed record holder and former Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green will get behind the wheel of the jet-powered machine as it takes to the Hakskeen Pan desert in South Africa.

Using an ingenious combination of a jet and rocket engine attached to a land vehicle, the BLOODHOUND SSC boasts over 180 times the power of an F1 car. The vehicle will break the sound barrier with ease as it travels upwards of 1,000mph. Being one of the most sophisticated cars ever built, the machine is comprised of over 3,500 parts made uniquely for the vehicle.

The BLOODHOUND Project is one which sets out to educate young scientists and engineers across the world honing in on engineering skills and developing innovative talent in children and young adults through hands-on presentations at schools globally.

Team leader Richard Noble has been a catalyst in the success of World Land Speed Records for decades, spearheading the Thrust2 programme to the World Land Speed Record in 1983 and the current record holder, the ThrustSSC, in 1997. Noble is the British kingpin for speed; breaking the world record for fastest on-land vehicle has been Noble’s goal and bringing his passion of velocity to the show this year will be fitting on the ‘Built In Britain’ feature.

Following the successful 200mph shakedown tests at Cornwall Airport Newquay last October, the BLOODHOUND Team are set to test the car at 500 mph on the Hakskeen Pan, South Africa in October.

Accompanying many other proud British greats on the showpiece stand at this year’s show, the addition of the BLOODHOUND SSC to ‘Built In Britain’ is sure to draw in speed junkies and young innovators alike.

Alec Mumford, Chairman of The London Motor Show, said: “We appreciate all that The BLOODHOUND Project is doing for young enthusiasts in their development and appreciation of speed. Having the BLOODHOUND SSC on the ‘Built In Britain’ feature is a tremendous feat and we hope this symbol of British capability will inspire young trailblazers in science and engineering. There couldn’t have been a better example of British excellence at this year’s show!”