BMW to shut UK plant for a month because of potential no-deal Brexit

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BMW Plant
Car manufacturer BMW will shut its Mini plant in Oxford for a month because of the risk associated with a “no-deal” Brexit decision.

The plant will not produce cars from 29 March 2019. BMW will bring forward its summer maintenance shutdown to April 1 in a bid to reduce any “possible short-term parts-supply disruption”.

In a statement, BMW said: “While we believe this worst case scenario is an unlikely outcome, we have to plan for it,” BMW said.

The German firm said it was “committed to our operations in Britain”.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover yesterday announced it will move workers at its plant in Solihull to a three-day week schedule until Christmas, “in light of the continuing headwinds impacting the car industry”.

Jaguar Land Rover boss Ralph Speth was earlier accused of “making up” warnings over the consequences of a no-deal Brexit in a recent speech.

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  1. People have not really understood what was offered in the vote to leave the EU. While I was working most people have complained about immigration, mainly about people coming into the country and receiving hand outs.
    Unfortunately what wasn’t explained or understood was the implication of departing from 40 years worth of integration with the EU. The issue of people coming into the country and given hand-outs will not be resolved by leaving the EU. And cannot be blamed on the EU. The UK has the power to deal with this issue. Many people that I talked to, do not believe or understand about the consequences. The decision to leave, is now becoming apparent. Business is now making decisions to survive….I blame the politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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