New book links attraction and business success

Tamsen Garrie

Tamsen Garrie

A Clevedon based businesswoman has published a new book about how attraction is important in business.The new book is called ‘The Act of Attraction’ and was released last month.

It tackles the subject of why some people appear to create success in their business with ease, whilst others appear destined to struggle.

The author is Tamsen Garrie, whose experience and training ranges from HR and management, through to psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and conflict resolution.

Tamsen comments on why she has released the book: “Business people are already attracting the people, circumstances and outcomes in their business through their activity.

“Be it your internal activity, such as  your desires, beliefs, thoughts and feelings, or your external activity such as your language, behaviour and actions.

“People are quick to blame external factors when things aren’t going to plan, but rarely do they think about whether they are attracting any of the negative aspects themselves, through the way they think, feel and act.”

Tamsen believes that by learning and consciously applying The Act of Attraction to businesses, people will be able to intentionally build the business they want.

“Most of the time we are not consciously aware of the beliefs we hold that influence our lives in negative ways, and many of us have no real understanding of how we develop these beliefs that are so incredibly powerful.

“Equally, many people have a vision. However, not all visions are effective,” Tamsen states.

Tamsen owns and runs Alpha Associates Ltd, a ‘people and business development’ company based in the South West of England