Book Review – Doing My Head In! (Dealing with Mental Health post-Covid-19)

Business Leader Editor Oli Ballard reviews Alex Scott’s latest book, ‘Doing My Head In! (Dealing with Mental Health post-Covid-19)’.

With the explosion of mental health issues brought on by the pandemic and exacerbated by three lockdowns, the UK is sitting on a ticking timebomb of mental health issues. The crisis is largely overlooked by the government as they continue to wrestle with curtailing Covid-19 and rebuilding the economy.

The timing of Alex Scott’s book couldn’t be better. It offers a common-sense approach to deal with a range of mental health issues covering many of the problems that emerged as a consequence of the pandemic. Specifically, the book was written to address the psychological impact of Covid 19, how to get through the pandemic and its subsequent aftermath. It creates a longer-term approach to deal with the impact of mental health beyond the virus.

Alex Scott is an entrepreneur and musician, and the book outlines his personal experience with severe depression, and how he battled to recover from it. It is a story that is highly inspirational and should offer great encouragement and comfort to its readers. It demonstrates how an ordinary person can address their demons.

Sensitive subjects are addressed such as depression, social anxiety, stress, mental health in children and young adults, as well as phobias, suicide and alcoholism amongst others. The book also outlines therapies available to deal with this life-threatening illness.

It also covers in detail alternative treatments such as creative therapies, as well as diet, exercise, mindfulness and visualisation.

The book also helps put the stigma related to mental health into perspective and will go some way to create further leverage to take the issue into the mainstream, to be addressed in the same way physical health is treated.

It is written with an easy-to-read, practical style and offers straightforward ready to use strategies to assist recovery.

The book also comes with a bonus – a song with the same title, written, produced, and performed by Alex Scott.

We have no hesitation in recommending the book as a must-read for anyone who believes that they are suffering stress, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Perhaps, most importantly, the strategies apply to both the workplace as well as an individual’s personal life.

‘Doing My Head In!’ offers excellent value and is available both in paperback and online in October. For further information or to pre-order the paperback version, please contact:

The song is also available as a download.